How To Pick The Best Height Of Your Fence

February 1st, 2020, 12:00 AM

Whether you want to keep something out or to keep something in, you have made up your mind to install a fence around your house for these reasons. Fences serve more functions than just privacy, safety, decoration, and security. However, each unique purpose calls for a different fence height, which is where it gets confusing. This article will help you greatly by giving you tips on how you can select the best height for your fence. 

1.     Know Your HOA Laws

Many countries and cities dictate the height of your fence for you though homeowner association laws. Some states even outline the color and material of their resident's house fences. You need to make yourself aware of the maximum height regulations and limits of your zoning area to avoid serious bylaw violations that may apply to you.

2.     Evaluate Your Primary Need

After you have dealt with all the legal matter, it comes down to your needs and want.

Do you want to mark your property or establish boundaries to prevent accidental trespassing? For that, a fence of moderate height but a very bright appearance would be enough.

Do you want the fence to protect your children or pets? For pets, a 4-foot fence is adequate to hold them in, but for people and larger pet breeds, it is better to go with a 6-foot fence.

Do you want to install a fence purely for the aesthetic appeal of it and to add to your home's curb appeal? For that, a front yard fence of 3 feet while the back yard fence of 6 feet is adequate enough.

3.     Evaluate Your Privacy and Security Needs

Another functionality of the fence, as mentioned above, is the level of privacy and security that they provide the resident of the house.  For example, residents of a busy city, small lots, or neighborhood homes prefer to maintain their privacy as much as they can.

If you want to relax and unwind in your backyard without the prying eyes of neighbors and passersby, a fence of thick material and height above 6 feet is usually sufficient. Fences like these also keep unwanted animal visits to a minimum zero.

You need to investigate the material and design of the fences available in that highest to you. Match them with your security and privacy needs, wants, and requirements to make a decision.

4.     Evaluate Your Aesthetic Needs and Wants

You need to evaluate your aesthetic needs and wants. Do you want to appear friendly to the passers-by, do you want to add to the curb appeal of your house, and are there any trees or shrubs that you want to incorporate in your design. Factors like these all contribute significantly to the fence height decision.

The right height fence can give your house that fortress-like feel if done right. After you have made all the pre-installation decisions and purchase the focus of your attention while installing those fences should be the aesthetic appeal of it all. A good fence adds to the bonus points to the valuation of your home.

Final thoughts

You need to find out the local HOA laws concerning the allowance of fence height, as well as your own needs, wants requirements or standards. However, an effective time way to go about it is to hire a contractor that can help pick the right height fence, keeping in mind your reason for fencing, local guidelines, and land slopes around your property.

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