Cedar Fence Installation

Want a natural fence but also want something that lasts a really long time?  If so, cedar is your go to. 

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Most Common Questions

How Long Does Cedar Last?

Depending on conditions it is not uncommon for a cedar fence to last 25-30 years.  We even have several customers that have gotten 35 years out of their fence.

What kind of maintenance should I expect with cedar fences?   

For cedar you can put as much or little work as you would like. 

If you want it to keep its fresh new look you definitely want to stain or seal the fence. 

I especially love how cedar looks after it rains.  It brings out the different tones and grain of the wood.  If you like this you would want to seal is with a clear coat to achieve this look.

Is there any drawbacks with cedar fences?

The biggest one is that there is no warranty on the material itself.

Since it’s a natural product it can crack or warp over time.

Want something with a warranty? 

You may want to go with vinyl.  It’s slightly cheaper as well.


Our Most Popular Cedar Styles

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