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What kind of maintenance is needed for vinyl fences?

Not much. You may have to clean it every 4-5 years.

Our sister company Deptford Soft Wash can do this for you as well for a minimum cost.

What colors are available for vinyl?

You can get it in almost any color now, but you have to be careful.

Lower quality vinyl will fade and possibly crack over time.

Your safest colors are white, almond, and khaki.

What is the lifespan of an aluminum fence?

30+ trouble-free years.

What kind of maintenance should I expect with an aluminum fence?

Almost none. You may want to hose it down every few years but that’s about it.

Is an aluminum fence durable?

For everyday use, you will be fine.

However, if you have a bunch of future soccer stars you may see some damaged pickets.

Mine has been up for 5 years and my son loves to hang on it whenever I’m not looking.

It’s still going strong and still looks as good as the day I installed it.

How long does a cedar fence last?

Depending on conditions it is not uncommon for a cedar fence to last 25-30 years. We even have several customers that have gotten 35 years out of their fence.

What kind of maintenance should I expect with cedar fences?

For cedar, you can put as much or little work as you would like.

If you want it to keep its fresh new look you definitely want to stain or seal the fence.

I especially love how cedar looks after it rains. It brings out the different tones and grain of the wood. If you like this you would want to seal it with a clear coat to achieve this look.

Are there any drawbacks to cedar fences?

The biggest one is that there is no warranty on the material itself.

Since it’s a natural product it can crack or warp over time.

Is there another option besides the 60's silver chain link?

Yes! We install mostly all black chain link. This means that the posts, rails, fabric, etc is all black. Looks much nicer.

What kind of maintenance is needed for chain link fences?

You will probably never touch your chain link fence. It’s the most economical and most durable fence we carry!

Are there any options I should consider with a chain link?

If you have a dog I would highly suggest getting the bottom tension wire.

This stops the dog from being able to escape by pushing the chain link.

There is a very minimal cost involved with this.

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