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How to use the fence calculator:

Let Us Figure It Out For You

Give us a call and talk to Michelle.  She will have a price in just a few minutes.

What’s Next?

If you’re in a time crunch you need to be as efficient as possible so your project doesn’t get delayed.

Schedule your deposit/layout verification.

Next, you would schedule us to come out and double check the measurements.

At this time you would also pay a 50% deposit that covers some of the cost of materials.

At this point Maria will let you know the approximate start week.  99% of the time we make this deadline or even beat it.

Get your permit/approval from HOA

To get a permit takes a week on average.  However, we have had customers where it takes 2 weeks.  Don’t delay!

Do you have a homeowner’s association?  If so you will need to get approval from them first before you can get your permit.  This usually takes a week or 2 as well.  

Get your yard ready for installation.

When our supervisor Khoa (pronounced Qua) comes on to your home during step 2 he will let you know if anything needs to be done in your yard.  Examples are moving debris away from fence line, trimming of shrubs, etc.

That’s It!

At this point you’re good to go.  Maria will let you know a day or two beforehand when your installation will happen.  

After the installation is complete Khoa, our supervisor, will come out and check the installation to make sure it is up to both your standards and ours as well.

Ready To Get The Ball Rolling?

There’s no telling how quickly the spots will fill up.  Call Michelle today!

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