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Looking for a Woodbury New Jersey Fence Company?  Deptford Fence is a local vinyl fence company providing vinyl fence installation and repair services. Let us design and install a high quality vinyl fence in your yard today!

Durable – Vinyl fencing is durable – it’s actually one of the longest lasting types of fencing on the market today – so you can spend less time worrying about maintenance.

Low Maintenance – Vinyl fencing is low maintenance – not only will it require very little upkeep over time but it can also look beautiful without much work on your part.

Quick installation – Vinyl fencing installs quickly – even if it’s a big job, our vinyl fence installation pros can get it done in a fraction of the time it would take for traditional types of fencing

Beautiful Choice – You’ll find a wide range of colors from which to choose when selecting a vinyl fence from Deptford Fence Company.


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Vinyl Fence Installation in Woodbury New Jersey

If you’re looking to install or repair a new vinyl fence in your yard, look no further than Deptford Fence! We are a local fence company with over 6 years of experience installing vinyl fences in Woodbury, New Jersey and surrounding areas.

Vinyl fences last much longer than wood or aluminum fences and require little to no maintenance, which means you can spend more time doing the things you love while we handle your fencing job! We offer the highest quality fence installation at affordable prices and deliver results that will meet your expectations.


Customers Love The Way We Do Business!

As a business owner myself, I always preach that the quality of a company should be measured as to its ability to handle things that don’t go according to plan. 

We had a problem with our install towards the end, and when I notified customer service, the owner was at my property within an hour. 

They spent a decent amount of time correcting the issue, without pause or additional charge. 

Don’t hesitate to hire them, if you are “on the fence”.


Woodbury New Jersey Aluminum Fence Experts

Your children and pets can enjoy the outdoor space and you know that they are safe. You can leave your home knowing that your possessions are safe.


Aluminum fencing looks great and blends in seamlessly with your landscape. A fence made from durable materials will enhance your outdoor space.


Aluminum fences are more durable than traditional metal or wooden fences. They will not rust or become brittle over time. Your aluminum fence can last from 30 to 40 years if it is properly finished. Add that to our 3-year workmanship guarantee and you have a fence built for the long haul.


Enjoy Peace Of Mind With
Deptford Fence


Lifetime Materials Warranty

 Never buy another fence when you hire Deptford to install your vinyl or aluminum fence.


Extended Labor Warranty

Your fence takes daily abuse from Mother Nature. That’s why you need Deptford’s exclusive “3 Year One Call Warranty” 


Dedicated Project Manager

Michelle is right there with you every step of the way for an easy and hassle free experience.


2021 Best Of Gloucester County

Experience why we’ve been voted best of Gloucester County for 2021.


Aluminum fence installation in Woodbury New Jersey

Aluminum fences can be a great option for homeowners who wish to enhance and protect their home but not completely block their view. Aluminum fences come with a lifetime warranty. They can also be customized in many ways.


Aluminum fences can be made in any shape, including spirals, circles and other forms. You can customize the distribution and space of pickets also.


Consider adding a fence to protect your dog and other animals. No matter what your needs may be, there’s an aluminum fence that will suit them all.



A non-privacy fence is the best option if you want to establish boundaries on your property, but not be completely isolated. This fence separates your property, adds value to your yard, and allows you to still enjoy the surrounding area.



Frustrated By Woodbury Fence Contractors Who:


That’s why we built a real company instead.

Expert Pool Fence Installation

Make sure your loved ones are safe around the pool.


A pool is the perfect addition to any home. It allows you and your family to unwind during hot summer days. Although pools can be a great way to gather with friends, they can pose dangers for pets and small children.


A pool-related accident is not something you want to have on a Saturday. You must follow certain swimming pool regulations if you have a domestic pool within the New Jersey state. One of these is to enclose the entire pool area with at least five feet high fencing.


We can help make your pool area more secure with a pool fence so that everyone can enjoy it without worry.

Woodbury New Jersey Black Aluminum Pool Fence Installation

Getting Your Fence With Deptford Is Simple


Find Out Your Price

No more waiting days or weeks for your price, we give it to you right over the phone! 


Book Your Consultation

To avoid surprises we’ll come out to make sure everything will go as planned and answer any last minute questions.


Get Your New Fence!

Enjoy your new fence and wonder why every project couldn’t be this simple.

Woodbury aluminum fence

Surround Your Woodbury New Jersey Pool In Style

Not only are they a safety feature but they also add beauty to your pool area. You can customize the surroundings of your pool by choosing from a range of materials, styles and designs.

A small white vinyl fence can make your pool area charming. An aluminum fence can create a more open, airy feel. Cedar fences can be a wonderful option if you want a traditional, rustic, and picturesque pool.

There are many options for fencing that will look great and keep your pool safe.

Aluminum is the most popular material for pool fences.

Aluminum pool fences won’t rust unlike other metal fences so they will last for 30 to 40 years. Deptford Fence also offers a 3-year workmanship guarantee.  If you are in the Woodbury New Jersey area and need a new pool fence, call the pros at Deptford Fence today!

I've been in your shoes...

I’ve dealt with several contractors and most couldn’t run a business to save their life…


Top-Rated Cedar Fence Company in Woodbury New Jersey

Cedar Fence installation provides beauty to your Woodbury New Jersey home.


Although there are many new techniques and building materials that offer benefits, nothing can replace the beauty and natural beauty of wood.


Cedar wood is the best wood for fences. Cedar wood is known for its strength and uniform grain. It is resistant to shrinking, warping, or splinting due to the natural oils found in the fiber.


Cedar’s natural beauty is amazing, but you can also have it stained or painted. You can extend the life of cedar while getting the desired look.


Contractors Vs Deptford Fence

Anyone can install a fence, but can they run a company?

Deptford Fence

(better value)


(better price)

You may get lucky with a contractor, but…

The entire ship goes down with them!


Cedar Fence Installation done right!

No matter what your fence design, cedar fencing will make your outdoor space look more stylish and inviting.


Cedar fences can be just as strong as steel, as they will show you. This wood is durable and can withstand rain, wind, and snow if treated properly. It will last for at least 30 years. Cedar’s wood fibers contain air pockets which help regulate the temperature. Cedar fences can be used to increase the comfort of your yard.


A cedar fence is just like any other fence. However, it will eventually deteriorate but not as quickly as other fences. The natural oils in cedar fence help repel pests, protect fibers from water erosion and strengthen the overall structure.


It is very easy to maintain. Your cedar fence will last a long time with just a little bit of yearly brushing and rinsing.

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Woodbury is the county seat of Gloucester County in the U.S. state of New Jersey. It is part of the South Jersey region of the state. As of the 2020 United States census, the city's population was 9,963, a decrease of 211 (−2.1%) from the 2010 census count of 10,174, which in turn reflected a decline of 133 (−1.3%) from the 10,307 in the 2000 census.

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