Vinyl Fence

If you’re looking for a fence that looks great and is easy to care for, vinyl may be the choice for you. 

Most common questions/concerns: 

Why does the vinyl turn green? This happens for two reasons.  First is if you have a decent amount of shade.  If the sun cannot hit the fence the morning dew doesn’t evaporate.  This moisture causes the dust, dirt, and pollen to stick onto the fence causing it to turn green.  

The second reason is due to mowing.  If you or your landscaper shoot the lawn clipping directly at the fence it’s like throwing green food coloring at the fence.  All you have to do is shoot the grass into the yard and you won’t have any issues.

Why do some fences blow out?   95% of the time this happens in one of the smaller sections.  When we have to make a smaller section we have to cut the top and bottom rail.  On the ends of these rails there are little tabs that stick out.  These tabs lock the rail inside the post so they don’t come out.  Some companies do not take the time to use a tool that puts these tabs back on.  Fortunately we do and also put screws inside so there’s almost no possibility of this happening.



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What Our Customers Have To Say:

“I called several locations and left messages. Deptford Fence called back right away.

Their rate was competitive with everyone else.

The bonus is Maria and Michelle.

They’re so nice. They called several times to make sure all was good with the install.

We even had a issue before the install, and Maria was all over it and resolved the issue before the end of the day.

The installers were great. They did their job effectively and efficiently. They cleaned up afterwards with no issues.

Thank you Deptford Fence. I wish more businesses would put the personal touch with their customers like you did.”

Chad K

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