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Our Most Popular Vinyl Fence Styles

Solid Privacy Vinyl

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Lattice and Spindles

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Vinyl Picket Fences

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Over the last 5 years we have put systems in place that practically guarantee a great experience.

Any time that we fall short,  we implement a new system to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Doesn’t everyone do that?

No, most companies are stuck in their ways because it “works” for them.  This is why you see all of those scary reviews.


Refreshing Customer Service

My wife Maria and our office manager Michelle are what set Deptford Fence apart!

Not only will they make sure your project goes seamlessly, they make the process fun too.

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Exceptional Quality

We only install what we would trust on our own property.  We could use cheaper materials to increase our profits…

But that’s not how we do business!

I’d rather be able to sleep knowing we provided the same quality I would expect for my own home.

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Vinyl Fence Questions

Why Does Vinyl Turn Green?

This happens for two reasons:

Problem: Your property is very shady. 

When the sun doesn’t hit the fence then the morning dew doesn’t evaporate causing dust, dirt, and pollen to stick to the fence.

Solution: Clean those sections every few years.

Problem: Grass is being shot at the fence.  

Solution: Shoot it away from the fence.

What kind of maintenance for vinyl fences?   

Not Much.  You may have to clean it every 4-5 years.

Our sister company Deptford Soft Wash can do this for you as well for a minimum cost.

What colors does vinyl come in? 

You can get it in almost any color now, but you have to be careful.

Lower quality vinyls will fade and possibly crack over time.  

Your safest colors are white, almond and khaki.


What Our Customers Say:

“Deptford Fence treated us like the highest priority from start to finish! They were worth every penny!

They displayed the utmost professionalism and quality of work and for convenience provide over the phone quotes, online contract signing as well as frequent and clear communication!! Job well done!!!

Couldn’t be happier!!!!”

Milena A

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